Design systems from every angle

At the Design Systems Exchange we are looking at the bigger picture and deep-dive into details too:

The Exchange

We talk about strategy, building, maintenance and use of design systems as well as their positive effects on consistency, efficiency and „innovative“ possibilities for product, brand, CX/UX, UI and development. Here strategists, concepters, designers, developers and managers exchange at eye level.

Talks & Workshops

At each of our meetups another aspect is in focus: Gaining overview about a topic, deep-diving into a single aspect, or getting inspired from other areas like architecture, typography, life sciences, linguistics:

Our Topics

The big picture contains topics such as scalable UX, design-to-dev, designops and digital branding. Looking at details e. g. design tokens or tone and voice as well as modular design, OOUX and object-driven design. We take a closer look at modularity of e. g. animation, info visualization, illustration and discuss tooling as well as best-practices for e. g. pattern libraries, living styleguides, CSS-frameworks and frontend architecture. Topics „beyond the button“ like microservices/SOA, service design patterns and voice UI patterns are part of our exchange too.

What topics are you interested the most?
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